Taxpayers pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in aftermath of Richmond Hill explosion

$309,000 in public safety costs after blast

INDIANAPOLIS - The Nov. 10 explosion that decimated a neighborhood on Indianapolis' south side will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

City officials said taxpayers have already footed the bill for an estimated $309,000 in public safety costs stemming from the blast at the Richmond Hill subdivision.

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Since the blast, nearly 8,000 hours of work have been spent at the subdivision. That number will continue to rise until the investigation is complete.

No arrests have been made, but Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said earlier this month that the investigation is a "painstaking" process, with no timetable for resolution.

Jennifer and John Longworth died in the explosion that forced demolition orders for 33 homes.

Explosions and arson cases often take years to close. The FBI said less than 20 percent of more than 43,000 arsons ended with arrest in 2011.

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