Teacher, aide suspended at Carmel school pending review

Parents want answers about what happened

CARMEL, Ind. - Parents were demanding answers after Carmel Clay Schools administrators relieved a teacher and an instructional assistant Wednesday after complaints of an incident involving a student.

Clay Middle School Choir Director Amanda Griffin was dismissed by the school along with an instructional assistant pending an administrative review.

Parents told RTV6 that Griffin went too far Wednesday when she disciplined some members of the choir.

The father of one choir member said he was heartbroken over what allegedly happened.

"I was told that there was some form of restraint used because there was excessive arm movements during performances and that there had been other forms of discipline such as doing pushups and things like that," the concerned father said.

The man said his daughter indicated a pattern of behavior with the instructor.

"She has reported interesting behavior from the teacher for a couple of weeks now, we were notified by a phone call before my daughter was sent home from school," he said.

In a release sent to parents, Clay Middle School Principal Todd Crosby said the pair were suspended after it came to his attention that "teaching techniques not proper for choral instruction have been used in the classroom."

Crosby said a choir concert scheduled for Thursday night would continue under the supervision of another staff member.

Carmel police said they received a call about the alleged incident, but they determined there was no criminal activity involved.

Tricia Reynolds, community relations coordinator for CCS, declined to offer further details, saying the CCS does not comment on personnel matters.

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