Teens arrested after party in vacant, vandalized home

14, 19-year-olds face trespassing charges

LAWRENCE, Ind. - Two teens were arrested after police accused them of ripping apart walls and causing other damages to a vacant home in Lawrence.

Neighbors in the Lawrence neighborhood near Traditions Drive called police on Monday morning about numerous teens  seen breaking into the home, which has a "for rent" sign in the front yard.

Lawrence police arrived in minutes and surrounded the home, where they reported spotting a back door that had been pried open.

A K-9 officer was called to assist police when they   yelled for anyone inside to come out with their  hands up.

Officers arrested Michael Dowdell, 19, and a 14-year-old male companion.  Both boys live in the same neighborhood, officers wrote in their report. 

As police entered the home, they said they could smell marijuana smoke, with the strongest odor in a back bedroom where the teens had scattered snacks and drinks on the floor.

Police said they found burnt marijuana cigarettes and other tobacco emptied out into a sink.  Several cigar packages were found there with the tobacco scraped out of them.    
Several holes were found punched through the drywall of the living room and the property manager estimated damage at $2,500.  Damage to the back door was listed at $100.

Both Dowdell and his companion were booked on charges of criminal trespassing and criminal mischief.

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