Termination hearing underway for married Hendricks County deputies

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. - The termination hearing for a married couple suspended from their jobs as Hendricks County deputies got underway Wednesday.

The Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department had remained tight-lipped about what trouble the couple was facing, but according to testimony, Jason Woods was "holding" $250,000 for a friend.

That money was supposed to be transferred to another acquaintance, but disappeared, and Woods and his wife, Teresa, are both facing termination.

Neither deputy showed up to Wednesday's hearing and their attorney, John Kautzman, left.

Kautzman said the matter is moot since Jason Woods submitted his retirement Tuesday. He said Teresa is unable to defend herself due to a pending criminal investigation.

"We think it's significant that my clients are under criminal investigation. They have a Fifth Amendment right not to testify to the board. That's why we asked the board to delay these proceedings until we can have a better sense of what's going on with that investigation. The board decided not to grant that motion. So if there's not going to be a delay, there's not much of a defense we can put on if they're not able to testify," Kautzman said.

The criminal investigation is being conducted by a joint task force made up of Indiana State Police and homeland security. No charges have been filed against the couple in that case.

Any decision has been delayed until May 16.

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