Thieves strip Henryville tornado victim's rebuilt home

TVs, computers stolen from Henryville home

HENRYVILLE, Ind. - A southern Indiana woman who lost her home in last year's deadly tornado outbreak says thieves stripped her rebuilt home of much of her possessions.

Henryville resident Jennifer McConahay was planning to move into her rebuilt home this weekend. Most of her things had already been moved into her home when someone kicked in its back door Tuesday night.

McConahay said the thief or thieves stole TVs, computer equipment, jewelry boxes, a knife collection and other items that had survived the March 2012 tornadoes that killed 13 people in southern Indiana.

Among the items stolen was a coin collection she inherited from her brother, who died in October.

"I can't replace that," she said. "I could get those same coins over, over and over again, and it would never be the same as having the ones that he actually collected, the ones he put in the book."

McConahay said she's most upset by the loss of "the things that I can't replace."

Investigators found some fingerprints on a dresser that could lead them to the thief or thieves, but so far no suspects have been named.

"You have to turn the other cheek, you have to," McConahay said. "If you don't retain your faith in how people are going to be, you're not any better than somebody who walks in the door and robs you. I mean, you have to keep the faith."

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