Thieves target runners' cars during Broad Ripple Drumstick Dash

20 cars broken into

INDIANAPOLIS - Runners returned from the popular Drumstick Dash in Broad Ripple to find their car windows smashed and valuables stolen Thanksgiving morning.

The rash of break-ins happened in the overflow parking lot on the east side of Glendale Mall along Rural Street.

Police said at least 20 cars were broken into with laptops, wallets, purses and cellphones stolen.

"Typically you don't take your wallet, you don't take your cellphone sometimes. It's a running event, and thieves know this," said Officer Chris Purvitis.

The vehicle of an Illinois state trooper was also hit, and his badge and gun were stolen, police said.

Some of the credit cards that were taken had already been used at area businesses by midday, police say.

Investigators did find blood from one of the thieves on a broken car window.

The mall was closed at the time of the break-ins.

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