Three-legged dog hit by car needs home

Hope was found injured in ditch

BROWN COUNTY, Ind. - Animal advocates are seeking a home for an 8-month-old pit bull mix hit by a car and found in a drainage ditch in Brown County, RTV6 Kara Kenney reported.

Hope, named by the Brown County Humane Society, had one rear leg amputated, the other leg and pelvis pinned, and now needs a foster home who can take the animal for therapy in Indianapolis twice a week.

The shelter believes Hope had been in the drainage ditch on Helmsburg Road for at least 24 hours before a good Samaritan found her and took her to the shelter.

Hope has had two surgeries totaling $4,200, but the Brown County Humane Society can only contribute $1,500 toward the expense.

"She was sent home with a sling to begin learning to walk on three legs," said Cathi Eagan, organizer of CanINE Express Transport Project. "Through all of this, Hope is still giving kisses! In two weeks, Hope will need another foster home -- someone who can take her to therapy sessions (all paid) at VCA Vet Hospital in Fishers, Indiana twice a week and to do a few therapy sessions at home." 

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