Three-part rule can make learning easier for kids

INDIANAPOLIS - With the start of school comes the start of homework – reading, writing, arithmetic – and your child is about to dive into it all in the classroom and at home.

Here’s how you can make it a whole lot easier.

There are three “S”s to remember if you want to make homework less of a hassle at home: Snacks, a schedule and silence.

No. 1: the snacks.

Experts say feeding your child something light will give them energy, which is especially needed if they're sitting down to study right after school.

Sit them down with a snack (and this is the really important part) at the same time every day.

No. 2: Stick to a schedule. Whether it be after school or after dinner, make it routine so your child can make homework part of his or her daily habit.

And finally, the third “S,” is silence.

Give your child a quiet, well-lit, clutter-free place to work.

He or she will have a far easier time concentrating when there are fewer distractions, so clear off the kitchen table, talk on the phone in another room, and yes, turn off that TV.

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