Tipton County hires embattled town manager Jeff Sheridan

Sheridan's past use of taxpayer money questioned

TIPTON COUNTY, Ind. - Embattled town manager, Jeff Sheridan, has a new job in Tipton County.

The Tipton County Economic Development Organization announced they’ve hired Sheridan as the executive director of the newly formed organization.
Sheridan previously worked as town manager for Cumberland, a town of 5,000 people on the Marion County, Hancock County border.
Last year the Call 6 Investigators questioned Sheridan about extra hotel stays and sightseeing tours he paid for with taxpayer money.
The issues came to light in a State Board of Accounts audit that said Sheridan stayed four extra days and went on three tours in San Jose, Monterey and San Francisco at the town’s expense.
Sheridan resigned in October 2012, saying he was “forced out.”
Another issue, also exposed by the Call 6 Investigators, was Sheridan’s residency and commute expenses
Sheridan lives in Culver, 120 miles away from Cumberland.
The Call 6 Investigators learned taxpayers paid $12,000 for his work truck and in an eight-month period, Sheridan’s gas cost taxpayers $5,734.65.
It’s unclear whether Sheridan’s resignation had to do with his travel or commute expenses.
“I am very pleased to have this opportunity to work with the Tipton County Economic Development Organization,” said Sheridan in a statement. “As Executive Director, I look forward to working with both the public and private sector leadership to make Tipton County a better place to live and work.”

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