Tipton, Kokomo flooding worse than initially thought

Emergency management officials stil assessing

TIPTON, Ind. - The damage is worse than first thought from widespread flooding from Tipton to Kokomo.

Emergency management officials are still trying to determine the extent of the damage caused by up to 5 inches of rain in just a matter of hours last week.

"We have 60 homes with those families displaced, so the numbers are still rolling in and I hope to have those today as far as the categories of damage," said Chuck Bell, with Tipton County emergency management.

Jennifer Hunter had up to 19 inches of floodwater in the home she rents with her husband and three children.

"There's no heat, there's no electricity," Hunter said. "It is (devastating)."

Hunter is among an estimated 150 people displaced from their homes after the Big Cicero Creek spilled over its banks, flooding the south side of Tipton.

Five days after record flooding the recovery effort is slowed by more rain and cold weather, and it could be weeks before some people can get back into their homes.

Members of Rock Prairie Church said the outpouring of help is overwhelming. Church members are organizing a relief effort, and cleaning supplies, trash bags, food and clothes are needed.

The hope is that federal aid will follow the recovery.

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