Too cold for beer, wine deliveries?

Monarch Beverage Co. calls off Tuesday deliveries

INDIANAPOLIS - The bitter temperatures will impact beer and alcohol deliveries for Tuesday.

Officials with Monarch Beverage Company announced Monday that they will cancel Tuesday deliveries in an effort to keep drivers safe.

Monarch doesn't expect any of the bars or liquor stores they serve to experience a major shortage.

The distribution company said after several days of monitoring the weather, their main concern is for their drivers who spend much of their day in the elements unloading trucks and making deliveries.

Medical experts say subzero temperatures can lead to frostbite and other health problems in as short as five minutes. Monarch officials said that risk just isn't worth it.

"Whenever you are dealing with temperatures in the negative 20s, 30s with wind chill, we have to consider driver safety as a most important factor in delivering, and with hypothermia and frostbite, it’s just critical that we keep these guys safe," Monarch Beverage Senior Vice President of Operations Fred Dufour said.

Company officials said they were confident in their ability to catch up and make necessary deliveries on Wednesday.

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