Trailer full of Boys Scouts' camping equipment stolen from parking lot

Troop saved for 5 years to buy new trailer

GREENWOOD, Ind. - A Greenwood Boy Scout troop was targeted by thieves when their trailer full of camping gear disappeared.

The troop of 50 scouts came back from a camp-out, parked their trailer and haven't seen it since.

The trailer was parked on the American Legion's lot. The Greenwood Scout troop has parked its trailers in the same lot for 20 years and has never before had an incident.

Troop leader James Castellano said he's overwhelmed with disbelief and anger about the theft.

"(I have) disbelief that someone would want to target and take something from the Boy Scouts," he said. "And then the anger started. Why would someone do this and then why can't we find out who they are?"

Castellano believes the thieves struck between Nov. 18 and Nov. 22. They cut the locks and rolled off.

"What kind of person takes from people who give back to people as much as Boy Scouts?" asked scout Branndon Castellano.

Boy Scout Samuel Endris said he doesn't think the thief or thieves feel remorse.

"I doubt they care. I guess they only care about they have the trailer," Endris said.

James Castellano thinks the Boy Scouts markings will be stripped and the camping supplies sold. He hopes someone gets caught.

"I'd like the person to be punished for, or the persons to be punished, and be taught the lesson of some of the values we teach boy scouts being trustworthy and honest," he said.

The trailer is new, and it took the scouts five years to raise the money to buy it. Police took down the VIN and recorded it as a stolen vehicle, but there have been no signs of it yet.

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