Twin brothers perform 11 acts of kindness for 11th birthday

Boys hope to continue tradition every birthday

CLOVERDALE, Ind. - A set of local twins decided they wanted to make their 11th birthday about more than just gifts and a party.

Jordan and Caden Opiela decided to give back to their community in lieu of a traditional birthday celebration.

Instead of a party this year, the 11-year-old twins and their mom decided, as a family, to take the money they would have spent and use it to perform 11 acts of kindness.

"We've took balloons to hospitals and helped people and we've put like money in random people's bank accounts, and we went to a car lot and we paid somebody's car payment," Opiela said.

They also brought flowers to some of their teachers and paid for the person behind them at the drive-thru.

"It is amazing, and to me, it makes me less worried about them when they grow up. I feel like they are doing the right thing now at 11, that it’s not going to be no problem when they get to be men," mom Heather Hillman said.

On Wednesday, the family took dog food and toys to a family friend who runs a canine rescue shelter in Brazil, Ind.

"I just think they are great young boys, and honestly, it doesn't surprise me that they wanted to do this because they are good kids," said Shannon Willmore with For Paws Sake Animal Rescue.

The boys said they’ve enjoyed giving back so much that they plan to make it an annual birthday tradition.

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