Twins X 2 take on Manhattan after appearance on 'Katie' show

Family gets welcome stares, even in big city

NEW YORK - Wednesday they were in the national spotlight on The Katie Show. Thursday RTV6 followed the Twins x 2 story as the babies ventured out into the big city.

We first met the family nine months ago when their mother, who grew up in Indiana, and their surrogate, who still lives here, were both pregnant.

Even in the hustle and bustle of New York City, the family commands attention.

All eyes gravitate to four babies. Parents Misty and Brian Baker said they are used the stares and don't mind a bit. 

"It's nothing but a joy to show off these beautiful babies that wouldn't be here if it weren't for the gift of life that God gave us," Misty said.

Amber Pluckebaum gave the Bakers part of that gift. She's not only Misty's best friend, but she was also her gestational surrogate.

Amber offered to be implanted with Misty and Brian's embryos and got pregnant with their twins -- Victoria and Madison.

"Madison, every time she sees me now she always gives me this look, just like squints her eyes," Amber said. "She's like, 'I know. I may be little, but I know.'"

At the same time Amber was implanted, Misty, who'd struggled with infertility for 10 years, gave in vitro fertilization one more try, and that time it worked.

Misty also got pregnant with twins -- Hope and Connor. Now, Misty and Brian have two sets of twins.

The babies are almost eight months old now, which makes traveling from their home in Seattle across the country to New York a bit of a challenge.

"It's not traveling with just a carry-on these days," Misty said. "We definitely have checked luggage."

"I think it required four or five days of planning," Brian added. "In fact, that's about all we had to think about, was about five days of notice to come here."

For both families, New York was a well-deserved vacation. The past year has been filled with hope and prayers. They are grateful for the happy ending.

"We know how it ended, and we have a beautiful success story that we couldn't be more thankful for," Misty said.

The babies will be 1 in June.  The Bakers say the kids are healthy, active and teething. 

Misty's parents have been helping them out in Seattle, and the grandparents came along on the New York trip too.

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