Two cars barrel into north-side home overnight

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis man had a strange start to his morning when he went outside and it appeared his car had been stolen - and then he discovered it had just been violently pushed into his neighbor’s garage by another car.

Indianapolis police (IMPD) said at roughly 5:15 a.m. Thursday, a man who lives on the 8800 block of Driftwood Drive said he went outside to go to work and his car, a MINI Cooper, was gone.

The man called police because he thought someone had stolen the car, but when he took a flashlight out and began looking around, he found his car was stuck into the side of his neighbor’s house. There was another car by it, also embedded into the home.

Investigators said someone driving a Ford Expedition drove through the man’s yard, hit the MINI Cooper and shoved it into the neighbor’s house. They believe the driver got out of the Ford and ran away, and the driver has not yet been found.

Police said the woman who lives inside the home the cars crashed into was watching TV at the time, and said she thought she heard thunder, so she didn’t think anything of the noise.

Investigators are still trying to determine exactly what time the incident happened.

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