Two INDOT workers fired for misuse of state property, one headed to prison

Ex-worker charged with 28 counts of theft

INDIANAPOLIS - Two INDOT workers have been fired and one will spend four years in prison after misusing state property.

According to an Inspector General report obtained by the Call 6 Investigators, Michael Dicks was working with INDOT on roadway maintenance and snow removal when he illegally used his state-issued fuel card on days off, vacation days and sick days.

INDOT managers became suspicious when they noticed a higher than normal volume of unleaded gas being used.

INDOT contacted the Inspector General’s office, which found the only vehicle that required unleaded gas was the supervisor’s INDOT pickup truck that Dicks did not have access to.

Dicks was fired from his job at INDOT.

Prosecutors charged Dicks with 28 counts of theft, as well as a habitual offender charge.

“A criminal record check discovered that Dicks has been arrested nine times,” read a probable cause affidavit.

Dicks was sentenced to four years in state prison.

“When you have an organization as large as INDOT with 3,600 employees, there's bound to be a bad apple," said Will Wingfield, spokesman for INDOT.

Wingfield said he hopes the case will send a message to other INDOT employees.

“We want to make it clear it’s not worth risking your job,” said Wingfield. “It’s not worth going to jail over something as simple as stealing fuel, it’s just not worth it.”

In another Inspector General report just released, investigators say INDOT worker Mickael Elmolki drove his state vehicle on a holiday, which is against state policy, and crashed it.

“The employee was using it on an off day, and that instantly became suspect for us,” said Wingfield.

The damage to the INDOT vehicle totaled $3,563.66, and Elmolki was fired.

Per an agreement with the state, Elmolki will reimburse the state $1,781.83.

Wingfield points out INDOT turned over the information to the Inspector General in the first place.

“We have our own internal affairs division and internal checks to help identify misuse of government resources, we turn that over the proper investigating authorities,” said Wingfield.

Elmolki now lives out of state.

Dicks originally said his roommate stole his gas card, but he later pleaded guilty to the crime.

To read the full Inspector General report on Dicks, click here .

To read the full Inspector General report on Elmolki, click here .

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