Unlocked cars in Greenwood lead to wave of break-ins

Sheriff: Start of summer break-in season

GREENWOOD - Several vehicles were broken into Tuesday night in Greenwood and officials have tips for other potential victims.

The Johnson County Sheriff Doug Cox said this is the unofficial start of the summer break-in season and drivers need to be more aware.

At least eight vehicles were broken into in the Brookhaven subdivision.

“It was sad to see how many got broke into. Our neighbor said he got broke into, and they said they got broken into and then another neighbor who said he got lots of stuff stolen from his vehicle. Creepy is the only word I can describe,” said Sarah Hormann.

Many of the vehicles that were hit were left unlocked.

Only a pair of gloves was taken from Hormann’s vehicle, but other victims were not as lucky.

“We have individuals leaving wallets, purses, laptops, a little of everything being left in vehicles. We want to stress we want that stuff inside their homes instead of in their vehicles,” Cox said.

Tony Gibbens said his truck was broken into. He said that all that was taken was about $1.50 in change and other items were left more organized in his vehicle.

“I’m kinda your typical guy. I’m a little bit of a slob. My truck is usually not all that well-maintained, it’s not that neat. So that’s how I knew my truck was broken into. It was more organized than I left it,” Gibbens said.

Cox said the thieves were likely teenagers that lived nearby and he hopes to catch them in the act.

Officials stressed that homeowners should always lock their vehicles and, if possible, park the locked vehicles in a locked garage.

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