UPS driver finds dog emaciated, freezing with no food, water outside Bowling Green home

Dog, now named Phoenix, is recovering

BRAZIL, Ind. - A dog found emaciated and freezing, tied up outside without any food or water, is recovering thanks to the quick thinking of a delivery driver.

A UPS driver spotted the dog tied to a tree on a short leash with no shelter outside a home in Bowling Green in freezing conditions last week.

Warning: Some of the included pictures may be disturbing to some.

The Clay County Humane Society seized the dog from the home, but he was nearly skin and bones and wasn't initially expected to survive.

Since then, the dog, who was renamed Phoenix, has rallied, gaining weight and energy with the help of a foster family.

Shelter officials said Phoenix is deaf, has lost an eye and is recovering from frostbite on his ears.

He's amassed quite the Facebook following, with the shelter posting daily updates and pictures . So-called Phoenix Fans have sent letters and donations from across the country.

"When I look at the pic of him in the almost 'fetal position' nothing but skin over bone, with a chain around his neck tied to a tree (chain no longer than 4 ft) in the freezing cold, no food, no water, no shelter.. It breaks my heart," the dog's foster mom posted on the shelter's Facebook page. "Now, to see this boy playing with my kids, sleeping beside my bed, (waking up to his big ol face resting on my mattress) it is truly amazing how gentle of a soul he really is!"

Donations can be made online at or by mail at P.O. Box 277 Brazil, IN 47834.

The Clay County Sheriff's Department did not have any information about the incident.

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