Urban farmer battles to keep chickens in Muncie

Muncie, Ind. - A Muncie woman who keeps 14 hens in her vegetable-filled backyard in Muncie's downtown area is battling the city to keep her chickens.

Single mother of four Keeley Harra suffers from muscular dystrophy and says her garden is her "oasis."

Harra tells The Star Press her little farm enables her to provide for her family and gives her strength as her illness slowly takes away her independence.

She's battling a city ordinance that makes it illegal to have livestock, including poultry, in residential areas. Muncie Animal Shelter Director Phil Peckinpaugh says a call regarding chickens "at large" tipped his office off to the location of Harra's backyard farm.

Harra has arranged for friends to keep her chickens while she fights the city's chicken restrictions.

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