U.S. Attorney announces federal firearms charges against Sallee, suspect in Waynesville killings

Sallee in Brown Co. jail on unrelated charges

INDIANAPOLIS - The man suspected in a quadruple homicide has been indicted on federal charges.

United States Attorney Joseph Hogsett announced the indictment of Samuel Sallee Tuesday, claiming Sallee illegally possessed a firearm. Because of prior convictions, Sallee was not legally permitted to possess a firearm.

The indictment came one day after the Bartholomew County Sheriff revealed that Sallee was the sole suspect for the May 11 Waynesville quadruple homicide.

The indictment says Sallee was found in illegal possession of a .22 caliber rifle May 14 -- three days after the  deaths in Waynesville. It doesn't say if the indictment is related to the shootings.

Sallee’s criminal history includes a number of prior felonies, including a 2005 charge of intimidation, a 1989 DWI and drug-related charges.

Sallee  is currently being held in the Brown County jail on unrelated state charges, but if he were released, he'd immediately go into federal custody.

The Assistant U.S. Attorney, Matthew Brookman, said Sallee faces up to 10 years in federal prison if he is convicted.

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