Veterans, city leaders, pastors honor life of Mario Wilson, Army veteran killed in shooting

Leonard Bond charged with murder

INDIANAPOLIS - Fellow veterans, city leaders and local pastors came together Thursday to honor the life of a soldier killed in a shooting outside an Indianapolis restaurant.

Mario Wilson, 46, a retired 22-year Army veteran, was gunned down outside the Denny's restaurant 8808 N. Michigan Road just before 6 a.m. Saturday after he tried to calm a man who was causing a scene, police said.

Leonard Bond, 26, is accused of leaving the restaurant, returning with a handgun and shooting Wilson when he came outside, police said.

At Thursday's memorial, his fellow veterans and friends said it's unfortunate Wilson survived the battlefield, but was a victim of violence at home.

"Somehow or another it just happens that way that a soldier comes back home from serving his country and doing the right thing, not bothering anyone, and also just turns out to be a victim, and it's just sad," said retired Staff Sgt. Dwight Anderson.

Bond has pleaded not guilty to murder in the case.

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