'Wall of Remembrance' travels through Indiana to honor those lost in War on Terror

LAWRENCE, Ind. - While President Barack Obama set the course to decide if the U.S. should pursue action against Syria for its violence against its people, here in Indiana, Hoosiers were reminded of the men and women who have already lost their lives for freedom.

Sunday afternoon in Lawrence, Ind., Megan and Steve Porterfield of Lawrence took their kids on a walking history lesson. They visited The Wall of Remembrance, a traveling wall of remembrance making a stop in Lawrence. It honors men and women who died in the Global War on Terror, a fight that started before their three children were born.

"To see all these names and realize that they lost their life to protect us, yeah, it's kind of amazing to see every single name and realize how many people have died for us," Megan said.

"When this did happen, at the time, of course, I was ‘gung-ho,’ and I was thinking, ‘Let's go over there and take care of business,’ but of course I didn't have children of my own and I wasn't the one going over there, so it's a lot easier when you're not the one that's going to be affected to say those things," Steven said.

Like the War on Terror, Congress will vote whether to authorize a U.S. military strike in Syria.

President Obama said he's prepared to give that order, after reports the Syrian government used chemical weapons.

"Obviously you hate to have people go in harm’s way, but then again, you have to take a stand for the freedom that we want to share with other countries," said 32-year Army veteran Rick Caldwell.

The Porterfields say nearly 12 years after the Sept. 11 attacks, they see war differently as parents.

"This is why we have those things to remind us of people who have died for us. It's scary but unfortunately it is reality and kind of always has been," Megan said.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation or find out more about the Wall of Remembrance can head to its website.

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