WATCH: Avon High School comes together for epic lip-dub

AVON, Ind. - A nearly 7-minute, no-cuts video is grabbing the attention of the state and the nation this week, and it features what seems to be every single member of the local high school that produced it.

Avon High School students and staff created the video and posted it to YouTube this past weekend.

It features the whole school lip-syncing to a medley mixing countless pop and dance songs.

What makes it so remarkable? The sheer planning it must've taken: There's not a single cut in the 6 minutes and 30 seconds the camera is rolling. The camera weaves backward through halls and rooms throughout the school until it winds up in the school's gym. That's where a huge mob of students and staff gathered to finish off the video.

It's a production you have to see for yourself:

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