Westfield residents get glimpse of new areas for Monon Trail

WESTFIELD, Ind. - People who live in Westfield learned this week what two new areas of the Monon Trail could look like. 

The sections are known as Phase 6 (from State Road 32 to Monon Trail Elementary) and Phase 7, which goes to 216th Street.
"(It) will consist of a 12-foot-wide multi-purpose path along with a 10-foot-wide cycle track. At Monon Trail Elementary at Phase 7 of project, we will have a trailhead that will serve year-round restroom facilities," explained Project Manager Jay Stankiewicz.
One big change from the original plan is that the Monon Trail will be on the west side of Wheeler Road, not the east. City leaders said the old plan put the trail too close to U.S. Highway 31.
This new plan will bring the Monon to the highly touted and soon-to-be-debuted Grand Park.
“There will be trails throughout there, and it'll be connected so every neighborhood will eventually be connected having easy access to all our trail system," Westfield City Council President Jim Ake told RTV6.
Developers said the Monon’s connectivity with multiple trails in Westfield is key.            

"(This will) benefit citizens but also visitors to Grand Park and allow them to utilize trails as a conduit to come downtown and come to commercial side of downtown," said Stankiewicz.

The project is expected to take two to three years and cost roughly $8 million.

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