Where did the I-69 alligator come from?

is it the same spotted at the Pyramids in June?

FISHERS, Ind. - In June, authorities got a strange call: Reports of an alligator near The Pyramids on Indy's north side.

Witnesses said it might have been a 4-to-6-foot-long alligator they saw in a retention pond near the office complex. Or, it might not have been.

"They didn't necessarily day they saw an alligator … but they saw a tail," said Conservation Officer Markie Hoskins. "They really can't confirm based off of a tail. But we're definitely taking it into consideration."

According to Hoskins, that was the end of alligator sightings in Indianapolis, until this 911 call come into the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department on Friday night:

"We just saw … I swear it's an alligator on the side of the road," the caller said. "It's the strangest thing. It's just sitting there. It looked at us a little bit. It's definitely alive; it's at least 3 feet long."

When they got there, that's exactly what police found: a 3-foot-long alligator they think had been on the loose for weeks, perhaps even months. The reptile was likely dumped somewhere by its former owner, according to the Dept. of Natural Resources.

Alligators are legal to own in Indiana, but a permit is required if the reptile is 5 feet in length or larger.

Whether the alligator spotted in Fishers is what office workers thought they saw swimming in a pond four months ago, and several miles away, is anyone's guess.

The alligator was taken to a reptile rescue just north of Noblesville. Police said that depending upon the circumstances, the owner could face charges. 

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