Where is secession movement strongest? University of North Carolina professor plots support map

Indiana has higher number of secession signators

INDIANAPOLIS - How loud is the secessionist movement, and where is it strongest?

An assistant professor of sociology at the University of North Carolina and a team of researchers at the school compiled data this week that plots secession petition signators on a map.

Earlier this week, RTV6 reported that people in numerous states, including Indiana, had organized petitions to withdraw from the U.S. and form their own government.

The petitions were filed on the "We, The People" section of whitehouse.gov.

As a general rule, more people have signed the petition in states that didn't support President Barack Obama in his re-election bid.

The national map shows more petition signators in southern states and in a stretch of western states, from Texas to Montana.

Indiana sticks out a bit as a more northern state that, aside from Kentucky, is surrounded by states that have less secession support.

On his UNC website, Neal Caren explained how he arrived at the figures represented in the national map. Nearly 850,000 signatures were analyzed, with a little more than 300,000 providing "unique combinations of names and places," 272,000 of which had enough information that they could be plotted onto the map.

Get full interactive map: http://www.unc.edu/~ncaren/secessionists/

The data last collected Thursday night showed that 372 people had signed the petition from Hamilton County, a GOP stronghold in Indiana. There were 911 signators from Marion County.

The map shows stronger secession support in Hamilton County than Marion County because of the overall population of the county in relation to the number of signators.

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