Whiteland students compete in video contest for Katy Perry visit

WHITELAND, Ind. - It started as an idea in Whiteland junior Landry Long's head.

Long and his friends want to bring pop star Katy Perry to perform at Whiteland Community High School. To do so, they've created an entry for a video contest set to Perry's "Roar."

"I took about a week to story board the whole thing. And it took maybe 50-60 shots," Long said.

Landry put the video together with his best friend, Zach Whitaker, at the school's telecom center. The duo worked right up to the edge of the contest's deadline, they said.

"I think we finished editing it the day before it was due," Whitaker said. "So it was right down to the last minute that we finished it."

The video follows the story of five "nerds" standing up and fighting back against a bully.

"The idea just popped into my head right away," Long said. "It’s just what I pictured when I listen to the song. It's like you get knocked down in the beginning; you're eventually going to have to stand up for yourself."

Landry and Whitaker said they've been pleasantly surprised by the reaction their video and its anti-bullying message have elicited in social media.

"I made the video knowing it was going to be a kind of funny 'Revenge of the Nerds' story," Long said. "But what I didn't expect was for it to impact some people the way that it did on more of a personal level."

Whiteland is one of several schools, including Fishers High School, hoping to clinch the fifth finalist spot, to be announced Friday morning on "Good Morning America."

"It would be one of the biggest things -- probably THE biggest thing -- to ever happen for our school, and it would just be unbelievable," said Long.

Even if they don't win, though, Long and Whitaker said they're glad they took the shot.

"It was a pretty exciting thing, the whole process, even if we don't win," Long said. "And I got to spend it with my best friend the whole time. So it's a pretty cool experience."

Watch along with Whiteland and Fishers to find out if they make the final round Friday at 7 a.m. on Good Morning America, right here on RTV6.

Check out Whiteland's video submission below:

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