Winter weather wreaks havoc on roadside barriers

INDOT crews making repairs

INDIANAPOLIS - Now that spring is in the air, crews with the Indiana Department of Transportation are busy assessing and repairing damage.

Vehicle crashes throughout the winter wreaked havoc on guardrails and cable barriers and have caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Now that the ground has mostly thawed, the damage assessment and repair work begins for INDOT. 

"Guardrail, cable barriers, crash attenuators, those all take a toll, especially when we have a winter weather season like we've had," INDOT spokesman Nathan Riggs said.

Dangerous winter road conditions caused crashes that have led to about $100,000 in damage, INDOT officials said -- and that is only in Indianapolis.

"We recently compiled all of the guardrail damage that needs to be complete. We're looking at about 50 specific locations that need to be repaired," Riggs said.

On the first day of spring, crews were busy making some of those repairs.

Both officials and Hoosier motorists are cautiously optimistic that the changing of the season finally means a break in the weather.

With the ongoing repair work and construction season around the corner, INDOT officials are reminding motorists to keep an eye out for those roadside crews.

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