Police: Woman acts as decoy while men carjack airport taxi driver

Police continue search for suspects

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis taxi driver who was carjacked early Monday told police he was distracted by a woman who pretended to be in distress just before he was attacked by three men.

About 1 a.m., taxi driver Solomon Hailu, 58, told police he saw a woman standing near the intersection of East Washington Street and North Temple Avenue on the city's east side. She appeared to be in distress and flagged him down, Hailu said. 

According to the police report, Hailu said the woman told him she had an emergency and needed a ride to the hospital. While he was talking to her, three men appeared who began attacking him, hitting him several times in the head.

As Hailu tried to defend himself, all four suspects got into his taxi and drove away from the scene.

Police said Hailu flagged down a police officer and reported that he had been set up by the woman before being carjacked.

Hailu's stolen taxi was found a short time later in an alley near the 200 block of North Temple Avenue, police said.

All four suspects remain at large. 

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