Woman asks police to unlock car with stolen goods inside

Shelly Marie Taylor, 34, charged

INDIANAPOLIS - A stranded motorist was arrested after police said she asked them for help unlocking her car, which turned out to be loaded with stolen goods.

Officers said over the weekend, they spotted a car with its hood up at the Kroger fuel center in the 7100 block of East 10th Street at Shadeland Avenue.

They said Shelly Marie Taylor, 34, was standing outside the car when she asked for help because her keys were locked inside.

An officer went to work opening the door, when he said he noticed  Taylor quickly loading motor oil, a can of tire shine and a can of Fix-a-flat product into her trunk.

Police said she was acting suspiciously and seemed to be hiding the products from them so they started to investigate.

Officers wrote in their arrest report that the products all came from the Kroger fuel center, but clerks said she had never paid for them.

When questioned, Taylor reportedly told police she had just bought the items at the fuel center.  She then told them "I have been having a hard time and I needed things for my car," police wrote in their report.

As she sat in the car police had just unlocked for her, she was asked for her identification and charges were filed for receiving stolen property.

The value of the stolen items was placed at $31.20 in Kroger merchandise.

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