Woman desperate for help after father's therapy dog stolen from her car

Dog taken from Whole Foods parking lot

INDIANAPOLIS - A woman is desperately searching for her dog after someone snatched her father's therapy dog right out of her car Monday morning.

Sarah Young said her 6-year-old lhasa apso, Martin, was taken from her car in the parking lot of the Whole Foods store on 86th Street.

Young said she left her windows cracked, went inside the store, and when she came back, Martin was gone.

"We're willing to do anything just to get him back," Young said. "We're providing a cash reward for any information on him.

Young said she might have left her car unlocked, and the person who took Martin might have thought they were rescuing him.

"I can't turn back the clock and it's devastating and heartbreaking and I can't sleep and eat," she said. "And he's such a part of my life. He's a big part of my life and a big part of my father's life."

Young's father is in a nursing home after suffering a stroke, and Martin had become her father's therapy dog, which makes her loss even more difficult.

"I don't care about prosecuting," she said. "I just want Martin back."

UPDATE: Young was reunited with Martin on May 25. Read more here .

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