Woman held at gunpoint in Indianapolis Kroger sues grocery chain, former manager who shot robber

Christine Nelson claims emotional distress

INDIANAPOLIS - A woman who was held at gunpoint in an Indianapolis Kroger store is suing the grocery chain and the former manager who shot the robber, saving her life.

The shooting happened Dec. 26, 2011, when robber Jeremy Atkinson fought with a security guard and held a gun to the head of employee Christine Nelson inside the Kroger store at 71st Street and Georgetown Road.

Then-manager Elijah Elliott, who was carrying a gun at the time, in violation of Kroger policy, shot Atkinson three times, killing him. Nelson was unhurt.

In the lawsuit, Nelson contends she suffered "extreme mental anguish and emotional distress" and was endangered by the fatal shooting.

Elliott told RTV6 after the shooting that once Atkinson charged at him, he had no choice but to open fire.

"To be honest, Mr. Atkinson was choking another employee when I saw him, and it was at that point that he charged after me in an office where I had no place to retreat. That's all it is," he said.

Elliott resigned after the shooting, acknowledging he violated Kroger's policy barring employees from having weapons on company property. Prosecutors did not file charges against him.

Nelson's lawsuit seeks unspecified damages.

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