Woman in labor caught in Indianapolis traffic jam

Woman stuck on SB lanes of I-65

INDIANAPOLIS - Emergency crews scrambled to get an ambulance to pick up a pregnant woman who was in labor in the midst of a long traffic tie up on an Indianapolis highway.

Traffic quickly backed up on Interstate 65 on the city's south side Monday morning after a semitrailer jackknifed during a crash.

Indianapolis Fire Department officials say a crew leaving the scene came across Amanda Davis who was in labor. A Greenwood ambulance arrived using I-65's northbound lanes to reach where she was stuck in the southbound lanes.

The medic team from Greenwood Fire Department Station 94, Dan Pennington and Brandon Garrison, said they have seen it all, but even they were surprised when they got to the scene of what they thought was just another crash.

It was a close call but there was a happy ending. Although they are always prepared for anything, the team said they did not want to deliver the baby on I-65.

"We never want to. It's always better to get them to the hospital and let them deliver in a more controlled environment rather than out on the streets," Garrison said.

Both Davis and baby Max were last reported to be in good condition.

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