Women a growing demographic among gun owners

Research from the National Shooting Sports Foundation shows a growing demographic among gun owners: Women. 
At the NRA convention in downtown Indianapolis, women in attendance said they weren't surprised at the numbers.
"That's not surprising at all. I think in this society, we have to be concerned. We have to take care of ourselves," said Pam Patterson, who was in Indy to visit the convention from Cincinnati. "There's a lot of women who are home alone and who could go places alone, and I think it's important women take care of themselves."
Patterson said her reason for owning a gun is simple: For protection. And she's not alone.
"It started with a shotgun, pheasant hunting and that kind of thing," said Chicago resident Kim Koukola. "And then a handgun, living in Chicago it's a good thing to have, even though they're not accepting of it."
Patterson and Koukola are a growing number of women taking part in the $4 billion firearm and ammunition industry. 
The National Shooting Sport Foundation says the number of U.S. women who are gun owners has jumped from 13 percent in 2005 to 23 percent last year.
Emily Marsden said she's working toward joining that growing number down the road.
"I've been through the training a number of times," Marsden said. "I have all of the ability right now to apply for a gun permit and carry, but I have not done that yet because I think it has to be a decision of it – the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm and would you use it appropriately – and I'm not there yet."
The NRA convention in Indianapolis runs through Sunday. Among the items left on the convention's schedule is pistol instructor training – for women only.
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