Women ditch makeup to embrace inner beauty

Ditching makeup can save time, money

INDIANAPOLIS - Ditching the makeup is a growing trend that is saving women time and money while also boosting their self-esteem.

Going makeup-free for a week can bring to light the challenges and psychological rewards that can be gained from going au natural.

Celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Sara Evans and Katy Perry have all tried the trend.

Lisa Graft, radio host of 88.3, tried the trend for a week. Graft said she has worn makeup since junior high.

“I have never, literally never ever ever ever, even in front of family. I don’t like going without mascara because I feel like I look so different,” Graft said. “When I walked in that first morning to work, I just kind of sat there and then my co-host was like, ‘Oh! OK.’”

Graft said that makeup can be used as a mask and many women can feel vulnerable without it.

“And that’s where the fear comes into play. Removing that mask, being yourself and finding your inner beauty,” said Leigh Epperson, a licensed mental health counselor at St. Vincent Stress Center.

Epperson said makeup can be used in a healthy way to enhance features, but women can also use it as a crutch.

She said women need to learn to see their natural beauty to free themselves from deep insecurities and increase self-confidence.

“But I did feel, at the same time, a little bit fresh and kind of clean without all the stuff on my face. But I was always aware of the fact that I didn’t have any mascara on,” Graft said.

Graft said she started to feel better by the end of the week. She said she would recommend the experiment to others, but she was anxious to start wearing makeup again.

“I can definitely tell a difference in my confidence when I have makeup versus when I don’t,” she said.

Epperson said she thinks that going makeup free could be a healthy experience for any woman.

“I think it would definitely be a good challenge for all women to try,” Epperson said.

A woman should be comfortable in her own skin, and that will show whether she is wearing makeup or not.

Not wearing makeup can save both time and money.

Graft said she was able to sleep an extra 20 minutes or so each morning she went without makeup.

Studies revealed the average woman spends a couple thousand dollars each year on makeup alone, not to mention other beauty products or hair costs.

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