Wounded Muncie dog reunited with owner

Gusto found bleeding in snow bank Sunday

MUNCIE, Ind. - A wounded dog was reunited with his owner Tuesday evening after officials said he was shot by a pellet gun twice.

Officials with the Muncie Animal Rescue Fund said the dog, that they named Red Ryder, was found lying in a snow bank, cold and bleeding Sunday.

The homeowner thought the dog might have been suffering from exposure to the cold, but eventually saw the gunshot wounds.

ARF staff members arrived to pick the dog up and take him to a local animal hospital. Doctors said it appeared the dog was shot twice with a pellet gun and the bullets were still lodged in his stomach.

Officials believed they would not know the full extent of his injuries until they could perform a surgery to check for internal bleeding.

Doctors reported the dog remained in stable condition early Tuesday morning. It was later that same day that the dog was reunited with his owner.

Jeff Hickey noticed his dog, Gusto, was missing Sunday evening.

"I ended up getting warm clothes on, my boots and gloves and started trucking through the snow till about three o' clock in the morning and didn't find him," Hickey said.

Hickey called ARF on Tuesday, hoping his dog had shown up. Not too long after that phone call, Hickey and Gusto were reunited.

Hickey’s concern over who shot his dog and why seemed to be overshadowed by their happy reunion.

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