Young fans cheer on Manning from namesake hospital

Manning has been involved w/ hospital since 1998

INDIANAPOLIS - Peyton Manning fans will be cheering on the former Colts quarterback this weekend from the Indianapolis hospital that bears his name.

Manning memorabilia lines the hallways and rooms of the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital. Manning has been affiliated with St. Vincent Health since 1998.

The quarterback, although now in Denver, still stays in touch with staff and patients.

"He likes to call and see how the patients are doing. And I think we've seen a number of occasions of patients who, out of the blue, they get a call from some guy who says this is Peyton Manning calling you," Executive Board Chair Vince Caponi said.

Michael Wade, a 10-year-old patient, is a huge Peyton Manning fan. Although he was recovering from surgery Friday, he said he was excited for the Super Bowl, even though the Colts aren’t playing. Instead, he will root for Manning and the Broncos.

"I think they have a chance of winning. It's just I've always liked him and he's a really good football player," Wade said.

Wade hopes to be back home in Avon by Sunday to watch the big game, but the rest of the patients and hospital staff will gather to watch Manning and the Denver Broncos take on the Seattle Seahawks together at the hospital.

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