'Youth Day' closes out Indy NRA convention

INDIANAPOLIS - Crowds were smaller on the final day of the NRA convention in Indianapolis – but the members it was dedicated to were smaller as well.

Sunday was designated as the NRA Youth Day, and the convention featured information on archery and airsoft guns, and lessons for kids on what to do if they find a gun.

"It's important that they, number one, don't look at them as bad things or scary things, but that they also know that those are adult things unless they are with him and outside and at the range and properly supervised and things like that," said Alyssa Wier, who brought her three kids from Illinois with her husband Sam.

Across town, children and guns were also on the minds of two dozen people snipping and stitching small pieces of fabric for a "Mother's Dream" quilt.

"Whether it's from a child's pajamas, that you don't want your child growing up in a world of violence, whether it's a color that's particularly meaningful to you that evokes a certain emotion … Every block does have a story," said June Rubin, who took part in the quilting.

Many of the blocks of the quilt – a project launched by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America – are made from the T-shirts and blankets of children who were victims of gun violence.

The completed quilt symbolized the toll of gun violence on America, organizers said.

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