Zionsville gas station top retailer of Powerball tickets in Indiana

Location saw steady stream of customers Tuesday

INDIANAPOLIS - Hoosiers were busy grabbing up last minute Powerball tickets hoping to win the $500 million jackpot. 

The Hoosier Lottery's spokesperson said the number one Powerball retailer in Indiana is the Phillips 66 on North Michigan Road in Zionsville.

"It's probably because of me," said customer Tom Moore. "I spend a lot of money here."

"Either my odds went up or went down, I'm not sure," commented customer Josh Bryant, when told of the store's popularity.

A steady stream of hopeful Hoosiers, like Ray Brown, bought Powerball tickets at the Zionsville location Tuesday.

"I've seen this place has a lot of winners, more winners here than anywhere else. It may be smaller ones, but still winners," Brown said.

Other folks were feeling lucky over on the far west side of Indianapolis. The Silver Express on West 10th Street is one of the top Powerball retailers in Indianapolis, according to the Hoosier Lottery, and it might soon land on the list of the top statewide.

The store has had many scratch-off winners but is still eyeing the big jackpot.

Few told us they were superstitious about where they buy their tickets, saying convenience matters more. But quite a few were superstitious about they numbers they play.  

"Because January that is the first month, that's my birthday and my son's and my fiance's all in the same month," Leshawnie Cope said when explaining why the number one is a favorite of hers to play.

Others just keep it simple and cross their fingers for good luck.

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