Zionsville mom leads group crusading for fewer gun sales on Facebook

ZIONSVILLE, Ind. - A group created by an Indiana mom is taking on Facebook, demanding it takes steps to cut the number of gun sales on its site.

It’s a big movement that has nearly 100,000 supporters and now, Facebook has responded.

The group is Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, led by a Zionsville mom. The group has a long title, but the group’s goal is to push everyone, from lawmakers to Facebook, to make common-sense moves that would protect the public from gun violence.

Some of the perceived problems are not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Some posts and groups on the site are titled “Guns for Sale.”

Several months ago, a gun was sold on Facebook to a Kentucky 15-year-old who then brought it to his high school football game. 

The moms in the group say it’s a big problem, and now Facebook is saying it agrees. Facebook has entered formal talks with the group, saying it does not support illegal activity on its website.

What Facebook will do to fight back has yet to be announced.

Click here to find the group’s petition.

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