Macy's Thanksgiving Parade by the Numbers

It's the 87th Year for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade so let's look at the official kickoff to the holiday season by the numbers.

-- The first Macy's Thanksgiving parade was in 1924, though it was called the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Christmas Parade."

-- The first parade with a giant balloon was in 1927. It was Felix the Cat. 

-- The first televised parade was in 1947.

-- 80 is the number of feet of the tallest balloon ever. That was Superman in 1940.   

-- 3 is the number of times the parade has been canceled. It was canceled from 1942 to 1944. The balloons were deflated and 650 lbs of scrap rubber were donated to the war effort.

-- 2.5 miles has been the length of the parade route since 2009. It was 6 miles back in the day!

-- 7 is the number of versions of Snoopy who have appeared since 1968.  He's the most featured character in Parade history,

-- Macy's is the second largest consumer of helium after the US government.

-- 86 is the number of years Santa Claus has ended the parade. The exception was in 1933 when he led it.

That's the Thanksgiving Parade by the numbers.  


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