More people 'vaping' to quit smoking

It was 44 years ago on January 11 that the United States Surgeon General, Luther Terry, produced research showing the danger of smoking cigarettes. 

By now, most people know it is dangerous to smoke, and most smokers have tried to quit. A business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, believes electronic cigarettes can help. 

PHOTOS: Electric cigarettes to vape your way to quitting

That being said, there is a legal disclaimer on Vapor Kings' website to "use at your own risk," and that e-cigarettes are not intended to treat addiction.  But if you want to give it a chance, you may want to check out their store. Inside you'll find a "vaping" lounge with sofas, TVs and an array of e-cigarettes and flavors.  

Many of the employees also stand by the product as a way to quit smoking. 

"It's basically an alternative to cigarettes," said Jeff Barnard, Vapor Kings' Manager. "I was a pack a day smoker for 30 years. I had a heart attack at a young age. I never thought I'd quit. Once I tried [the e-cigarettes] I didn't need another cigarette." 

So what's an e-cigarette? It's an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a flavored liquid solution into an aerosol mist. Battery-powered heated coils use nicotine, water and the flavor of choice to give smokers a "hand to mouth" sensation that they don't get with nicotine chewing gum or patches. The e-cigarettes do not contain chemicals, tar or carcinogens.

There are flavors that taste like cigarettes, and others that taste like food. Barnard says often smokers will start with a cigarette flavored liquid, and once they lose the desire for that taste, move on to another flavor.  


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