Mowz app helps keep your lawn in top shape

Cutting the grass is such a chore - and it can be an even bigger headache to find a business to do it.

Well, a new app will deliver lawn care right to your door step.

The creators of the app call it the remote control for your lawn.

The Mowz app lets you order lawn care for your yard no matter where you are.

It's simple, users just enter a couple of details about their lawn, like how big it is and the kind of terrain - and when they would like it mowed.

The app then reaches out to one of their insured providers to get your lawn looking its best.

After the job is complete, Mowz charges you for the job and sends you a picture of your groomed grass.

A spokesperson for the company that created the app says Mowz just launched right here in metro Detroit, so be sure to check it out.

There is also another component of the app called Plowz. 

Check out more about it HERE.

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