Neighborhoods Angle For Next Super Bowl Legacy Boost

Mid-North Community Already Planning For Next Super Bowl

The big game may be over, but the Super Bowl Legacy Project on Indianapolis' near-east side has another area of the city thinking big.

The earliest Indianapolis could host another Super Bowl is 2017, but the Mid-North Community has launched the Mid-North Quality of Life Plan in the hopes of snagging the next NFL legacy project.

Mid-North is made up of Crown Hill, Highland Vicinity, Historic Meridian Park, Mapleton-Fall Creek, Meridian Highland and Watson-McCord neighborhoods, and is bordered by 21st and 38th streets.

It's an area rich in history and bolstered by the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, but also plagued with abandoned housing and crime.

"We're having shootings here every other week or so," said Carlos Permell, a resident who's involved with crafting the plan.

The plan will aim to improve education, housing, senior advocacy, business development, safety and youth engagement.

Community leaders hope doing so will snag the attention of city officials and the NFL.

"I think it's a prime opportunity to help us bounce back from this recession," Permell said.

"It just makes sense that this would be the next area that would be focused on by the city and the NFL because of its people, its vibrancy," said Lorraine Vavul, who lives in the Historic Meridian Park neighborhood.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is acting as a hub for the project planning, and many workers are taking an active role.

"It's a five-year plan," said Anthony Bridgeman, the museum's director of community initiatives. "We think this is really a neighborhood that could be poised to take an opportunity like the Super Bowl and really leverage it, for a tremendous impact."

Mid-North Community leaders said even though another Indianapolis Super Bowl is years away, it's never too soon to improve.

"We want to be fully ready and prepared for when that opportunity comes, and I think we're there," Bridgeman said.

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