NFL Partners With Disney For Super Bowl 2012

Partnership To Provide Football Fans With Exceptional Customer Service

The National Football League has partnered with entertainment giant Disney to make Super Bowl 2012 one that fans won’t soon forget.

Although Disney is known for children’s entertainment and theme parks, NFL officials said they’re asking company leaders at the “happiest place on earth” for advice on how to train 20,000 workers to treat 150,000 visiting fans.

NFL Events Manager Tisha Ford said the Disney partnership was an easy decision, RTV6’s Chris Proffitt reported.

“Who better than Disney? Disney has a reputation for exceptional customer service,” Ford said.

Disney trainers said they will employ the same methods used at their theme parks to train hundreds of NFL workers and volunteers.

The NFL said their goal is to make all fans feel like VIPs and avoid the embarrassment of Super Bowl 2010 in Dallas, when more than 3,300 fans were told their temporary seats were unavailable.

"Whether you're getting off of a bus at the bus station or a plane at the airport or hopping in a cab, we want those people to have super service training and be able to say to everyone, ‘Have a super day,’" said Indianapolis Host Committee member Dianna Boyce.

Angela Smith-Jones, with the Indianapolis Chamber Of Commerce, said fans will appreciate the NFL’s decision to link up with Disney.

“(Disney) is absolutely qualified so why not go with the best? They've already shown that they can do that and do it well. So, I think it's a great partnership,” Smith-Jones said.

The marriage of the two entertainment giants is sure to make Super Bowl 2012 a hospitable event for the more than 150,000 fans expected to pack downtown Indianapolis.

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