Occupy Protesters Plead For Power

Electricity Cut To Occupy Muncie

Officials in Delaware County have cut off electrical outlets that anti-Wall Street protesters had been using during their weeklong encampment outside the county government building.

Occupy Muncie protesters found the outlets cut off Wednesday evening. The dozen-or-so protesters had been plugging in an extension cord to power coffee makers and a webcam used to livestream video during the overnight hours.

Delaware County commissioner Larry Bledsoe told The Star Press that taxpayers shouldn't be providing power for the protesters and that there are fire concerns if protesters were to run a heater inside a tent.

The encampment started with an Oct. 19 march of about 100 people from Ball State University to downtown Muncie.

Protester Ari Brown said members had been cautious about their power use.

In a petition posted on its Facebook page, Occupy Muncie protesters pleaded for the return of electricity.

"Electricity is a foundational need of all contemporary communities, including the community we have built at the county building in Muncie," protesters posted on the Occupy Muncie Facebook page. "The vast majority of Occupy Muncie protesters are and have been paying taxes to Delaware County in amounts well beyond the finances required to supply electricity to the Occupy Muncie protesters."

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