Online, On-Tap: Kids Get Easy Access To Alcohol

Delivery Driver Passes Online Alcohol Delivery Test

Children have much easier access to alcohol because of online retailers who don't check to see the age of the person buying the booze.

Many Web sites sell alcohol on the Internet. In a 6News investigation, Dan Spehler went to the home of a local teen, where they ordered alcohol online to see if it would be delivered to the home.

In a video distributed by Wine and Spirits Wholesalers, a delivery driver is seen leaving a package at a door without a signature.

Hard liquor is inside the package, and the recipient appears to be an underage girl, Spehler reported.

In recent years, roughly two-dozen states, including Indiana, have passed laws that allow direct-to-consumer shipping. This allows alcohol to be delivered to anyone, often with no questions asked.

Jim Purucker, with Wine Wholesalers of Indiana, said his organization competes with online retailers and adds that some unscrupulous practices of those retailers should be reigned in.

"This is not L.L. Bean. These are not sweaters we're talking about. It's alcohol," Purucker said. "It's clearly the lawbreakers that are to blame."

6News went to the home of a 19-year-old Ball State student to put the alcohol delivery issue to the test.

With the student's help, Spehler ordered several bottles of alcohol from different delivery companies. Each had notices that delivery requires the signature of someone over the age of 21.

When FedEx arrived with a package, the student was asked if he was born on or before February 1986, he said, "No," and was told that the package couldn't be given to him.

"Glad I did the right thing," said FedEx driver Dave Cruea. "It's not worth taking a chance. We're under so much pressure ... to get them delivered, but I'm not going to take the chance. It's not worth it to me."

Investigators said that often, the alcohol gets delivered unchecked because of careless delivery drivers or improper packaging.

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