Pastor Accused Of Cheating Orphans Group Arrested

Feds: Man Never Made Payments On $482K Loan

A former Indianapolis pastor accused of misusing hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to help build a church has turned himself in to federal authorities.

According to a federal lawsuit, the Rev. Wayne Taft Harris Jr. and his nonprofit corporation, known as Kingdom Builders Faith Church Inc., borrowed $482,000 to build a church at 2860 Euclid Ave., but the building was never constructed.

Representatives with Teen Missions, the group that provides money to help congregations build places of worship and then uses money made from the loan to feed and clothe the poor in 108 countries, said Harris' church never made a payment on the loan, and that Harris blamed construction delays on city zoning issues.

Meanwhile, court documents show Harris spent more than $39,000 on a Mercedes Benz and a men's mink coat with Versace buttons.

Harris is best known as the son of Wayne Harris Sr., a vocal member of the local clergy who died 10 years ago.

In recent years, Harris Jr. has been associated with ministries in Houston.

Harris Jr. was appointed a public defender in the case. He was released on bond and is expected back in Indiana next week.