Pig the dog defies odds after being born with serious birth defects

An unusual dog named Pig has captured the hearts of people around the world.

According to the AI.com, the "half-dog" was born with multiple birth defects.

The fact the pooch survived is considered to be a "medical miracle" considering the fact she has a twisted vertebrae, deformed hips and a spinal cord that splits in two near her neck.

Pig was born in the woods northeast of Atlanta last fall to a feral mother. And get this, it was Pig who saved herself and her brothers and sisters by barking and drawing the attention of a woman who found the dogs.

See Pig in action in the video player below:

After hearing Pig's story, Kim Dillenbeck decided to adopt her as her own.

Dillenbeck says she is not sure about Pig's future, but is sure happy to have her in her life.

Pig became an international superstar after attending the Alabama Do Dah Day Festival in May.

Spectators couldn't seem to get enough of the pup who defies the odds and refuses go give up.

Pig now has a Facebook page that is quickly gaining fans.


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