Police: Man Intentionally Spread HIV To Numerous Women

Information From Ex-Girlfriend Helps Lead To Arrest

A man was arrested Friday night after he knowingly and intentionally tried to spread HIV to more than 100 women in central Indiana over a period of more than five years, police said.

A SWAT unit was called in to arrest Tony Perkins, 47, who authorities said had been using the dating Web site plentyoffish.com to find many of his victims, 6News' Tanya Spencer reported.


Police expect numerous women to come forward in the wake of the release of information about Perkins.

Investigators said a very brave ex-girlfriend brought the case to light, even though she received death threats from Perkins.

The woman, who didn't want her identity revealed, said Perkins' daughter warned her that he had full-blown AIDS and had been trying to spread it since being diagnosed in 2004, even though he was told that he must disclose the disease to prospective sexual partners.

"One of his daughters Myspaced me and … said that she had watched her father infect countless women," the woman said. "Some have died, and she could no longer stand by."

The woman told 6News' Tanya Spencer that she loved Perkins, who she had dated for nearly two years, and thought he loved her, too. It wasn't until well into their relationship that she found out he had AIDS.

"It's my personal mission to help save lives. God spared me. I've tested negative for a year. My last AIDS test was in February," she said. "Maybe I was the angel to stop the anti-Christ. His quotes were, 'A whore gave it to me, so if a whore wants to sleep with me on the first night, she deserves what she gets.'"

Perkins was charged with failure of carriers of dangerous communicable diseases to warn persons at risk and intimidation.

Police think Perkins had unprotected sex with 100 or more women. They have confirmed the identities of more than 10 of them already.

"We will go through his cell phone records and try to find some other numbers and see if we can locate as many as we can and delicately notify them of what's going on," said Greenwood Police Chief Joe Pitcher.

Perkins was held Saturday at the Johnson County Jail on a $9,000 bond. He declined 6News' request for an interview.

The woman told 6News that she's outraged at the bond amount and that she's convinced that if Perkins gets out of jail, he will kill her.